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Chapter 365.2: Masked God ④

So you came! (Serene)

Sorry, we were checking the Treasure Shrine and were, late. (Eliza)

Answers Eliza Beck, who has suddenly come to my side. There is Lucia who is holding her staff and Sytry who is giving an observing gaze at Keller with Kilkill-kun on her side. Tino has a grim expression. Anthem is nowhere to be seen, but he may be preparing a barrier.


What about Infinite Variety (Senpen Banka)?! (Serene)

I dont know about Kuu. (Eliza)

Is that human that is so important missing again

However, even without Infinite Variety (Senpen Banka), there is no doubt about Strange Griefs (Nageki no Borei) strength.

Lizs movements are faster than anything I have ever seen. Each kick, each thrust, and each movement are so fast that I cannot see them. The raindrops that touch her cheeks evaporate, steam is rising from her entire body and her shining eyes seem to have a fire burning deep within them.

Her lightning-fast thrusts pierce the air with a delayed sound resounding. However, Keller manages to avoid her full frontal assault with a paper-thin margin.

Keller yells while stepping back.

Hh, are you still getting in my way?! Who are you?! (Keller)

Fuck, whats with this, there something around it!! (Liz)

You fool! As if you can destroy my Outer Sense with a kick!! (Keller) 𝑛𝑜𝘷𝘦𝑙𝘦𝑎𝘴𝑡.𝑐𝑜𝑚

Onee-chan, get down!! (Sytry)

Hh!? (Keller) 𝒏𝒐𝒗𝒆𝒍𝒆𝒂𝒔𝒕.𝒄𝒐𝙢

When did she throw it? The bottle of potion that is falling from above has obviously been thrown before the warning was given to Liz.

The seemingly poisonous potion breaks, releasing a seemingly toxic mist that engulfs Liz and Keller. It seems that the moment she realizes that physical attacks are ineffective, she switches to another attack.

Syyyt, you bastaaaaaaard!! Dont attack Liz-chan too!!! (Liz)

Liz escapes alone from the mist. Her whole body is burned red. It must have been a very strong poison to melt the flesh of a High-Level Hunter in such a short time. For a moment I am hopeful, but the mist quickly disperse from within.

This is a natural result, given that it can create wind.

Keller is unharmed. It probably didnt even touch its skin. Although Liz had been totally caught up in it. Sytry sighs and speaks in a depressed, dejected voice.

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Somehow, I have been feeling a bit underpowered lately I need to make a more powerful drug Explosion potion probably wont work either I will have to ask Cry-san for advice later. (Sytry)

Hh!! You bastards I see, you are Infinite Varietys (Senpen Banka) friends. Then that will make the story easie!? (Keller)

Just as Keller tries to take a step forward, ice pillars grow around it. Then, Anthem appears out of nowhere and swings his giant sword down with all his power at Keller, who has stopped dead in its tracks.

The ice pillars break and the earth trembles with a gut-wrenching sound.

I am left speechless by the offensive and defensive battle that doesnt leave room to breathe and with no regard for the opponents reaction.

But, not yet. We havent finished it off yet.

Anthems great sword digs deep into the ground, but that just means that it hasnt hit Keller.

Keller isFloating in the air. No, more accurately, it is on top of some invisible object. Something that can protect its whole body, can control it at will, block Magic and barriers, and eliminate curses.

Keller speaks in a much calmer voice than before as it stands before Strange Grief (Nageki no Borei) who are in a fighting stance.

A power that is hard to find even during my timeInteresting. But calm down. I am not your enemy. (Keller)

What do you mean? (Sytry)

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Apparently, it seems that the fierce onslaught has calmed him down. Although I dont know if it is a good thing or a bad thing. A pressure that weighs down on my entire body, makes me feel like my knees are going to give way.

In response to Sytrys question, the transcendent being says in dismay.

So you havent heard, have you? Your Leader, Cry Andrich, made a deal with this Keller. He would swear loyalty to me in exchange for lifting the curse on Luke Saikol. I have come here to fulfill that promise. I do start to regret it, though. (Keller)

Those are words that I havent expected. Cry Andrich swore his loyalty? In exchange for lifting the curse on Luke Saikol? ThatsImpossible.

I was supposed to remove the curse from Luke Saikol today. As of yesterday, that human hadnt said anything to me, nor had he shown any signs or pretense of doing what it was saying.

I feel more confusion than anger or sadness, and I am sure the other members feel the same way. Normally, we should have considered the possibility of that human betraying us. We should have also considered the possibility that Keller is lying.

However, after all, that humans actions are always completely unpredictable.

I am confused as to what to do. Keller continues as the members of Strange Grief (Nageki no Borei) remain silent.

But it seems your Leader hasnt talked about it yet. Fuuuh I will hold my anger back and give you some time to talk. No wait, call Cry Andrich here. You can talk after thatHh!? (Keller)

It is at that moment that Anthem Smart kicks the ground. His body, over four meters tall, leaps into the air, and a huge blade, easily over two meters long, slams into the floating Keller from above.

An invisible force and metal collide, and the impact propagates through space. It is a strange sound. I heard that Anthems physical strength is the highest among Strange Grief (Nageki no Borei), but his blade still doesnt reach Keller.

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The stopped blade then rises again, this time not directly from above, but from a horizontal slashA blow that seems to have once cut off a dragons head before. Keller leaps even higher into the air to put some distance between them and glares at Anthem.

Hh What the hell, does that meaaan, did you not hear what I said!? (Keller)

Kellers voice is laced with irritation and impatience. Anthem, carrying his great sword, speaks in a clear voice.

Stop making me laugh It is impossible for Cry, for this Strange Grief (Nageki no Borei) to make a pact with an evil god!! (Anthem)

What Did you say? (Keller)

Keller is taken aback by his confident voice. Kruz, who has been watching the situation nearby, mutters to herself.

No, Yowaningen may Do it, desu. (Kruz)

The truth is unknown, but I will do what I can right now.

Strange Grief (Nageki no Borei) has come to our aid. Yggdras warriors who are blown away will likely return in time if they are safe.

Kellers power is immense. However, it should not be without its costs. We still have a trump cardWe still have Infinite Variety (Senpen Banka) left.

So what I can do now is.

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At that moment, my eyes fell on the statue of Luke standing nearby which had been ignored. I yell to Tino (and Car-kun), who are *buruburu* shivering nearby.

Tiii! Take the statue and run! Do not give it to Keller! (Serene)

!? (Keller)

Thanks for reading! Lets go Strange Grief (without Luke) VS Keller! And Anthem fully trusting Cry, what a bro

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