A Hospital in Another World?

A Hospital in Another World?

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    The story of an emergency room doctor dying from overwork and crossing into another world.

    The sails of the great voyage have been unfurled.

    The steam engine has yet to roar to life.

    The glory of the Radiant Lord illuminates the continent, while across the sea, the churches of the gods and mages support the monarchy.

    Dwarves freely roam the cities of the kingdom, and the legends of werewolves, vampires, elves, and dragons never fade.

    In such an era, Wu Zhou, an emergency department doctor who died from working overtime, transmigrates into the body of Garrett, a young city guard.

    Teammate: Oh no! The Captain is seriously injured, his intestines are spilling out!

    Garrett: Help me up; I can still stitch!

    Teammate: …What?

    Garrett: …Apply a healing spell to where I stitched, let it grow… no, first apply it to the stitched layer, then the muscle layer, and so on.

    Teammate: …What?

    Garrett: Uh-oh, the healing spell is too fast, the stitches grew inside the wound!!!

    When modern medicine meets magic and divine arts, what brilliant sparks will it ignite in this New world?

    Garrett: Learning magic, mastering divine arts, expanding territories, and clashing with the church… whether you believe it or not, I just wanted to open a hospital.

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