Alter Dimension: Lucky Dungeon Master

Alter Dimension: Lucky Dungeon Master

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    Alex, a young man with ambition but unfortunate life.

    He grew up as an orphan and from a very young age, learned to stand on his own feet.

    Barely making a living by searching through the dumpsite for things that could be sold.

    One day, when he came back home from the dumpsite, Alex decided to rest on the new sofa that he got from the dumpsite just the other day.

    But unexpectedly something magical happened to him.

    A stone inlaid on the sofa suddenly brought him to an alternate dimension!

    And there, Alex rise started, controlling the luck of the world.

    Everything runs through his favor.

    Whenever a problem comes up, it gets solve unknowingly.

    When he lacks money, gold suddenly fell down from the sky.

    Opening a treasure chest will always give great rewards.

    Lottery is nonsense, he will win no matter what.

    When a strong monster is about to kill him, it will trip on a rock and have its head explode, dying by itself.

    That's how against the sky he is!

    From then on, Alex became known as 'Fortune', the one who controls luck!

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