As A Trash Collector, I Collected A Imperial Jade Seal

As A Trash Collector, I Collected A Imperial Jade Seal

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    On the first day, Luo Feng went broke and had to go back home. In order to make ends meet, he began to collect trash from house to house.

    Unexpectedly, he happened to bind the “Treasure Prompter” system.

    “Ding! There are gallstones in the stomach of the sick cow of the butcher ahead, commonly known as cow treasure, worth 6 million.”

    “Ding! 10 meters ahead, the paper on the wall of the old lady’s house is a painting by Tang Bohu, worth 300 million.”

    “Ding! 100 meters ahead, the abandoned whetstone is imperial green jade, worth 1 billion.”

    “Ding! 1000 meters ahead, the woodcutting knife in the woodcutter’s hand is a Xizhou’s bronze sword, worth 2.5 billion.”

    “Ding! 10,000 meters ahead, the stone that the child hit the water is a Martian meteorite, worth 8.8 billion!”

    “Since I have this system, who can still see me as a trash collector?”

    “I am a treasure hunter disguised as a trash collector!”

    On the first day, Luo Feng passed by the door of a rural quadrangle and saw a child smashing spades with a four-sided object.

    He went up to pick it up and found that the words “commanded by heaven, both longevity, and eternal prosperity” were engraved on the bottom.

    “Ding! The child smashing walnuts in front of the house! In his hand is the heirloom jade seal…”

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