Celebrity Lady

Celebrity Lady

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    *Celeb: short for celebrity.

    A dull body, a timid and kind personality.

    The fat princess who was ostracized, Rubetria Diollus.

    “Oh my, the princess is at the dessert shop every time I see her. She eats so many sweets, enough to make one’s cheeks burst, no wonder she gets fat.”

    Princess Lillia, the ‘swan princess’ of the family, was always surrounded by friends, and Rubetria, the ‘ugly duckling’ who was bullied by them, was a loner.

    “Hey, you idiot. Our princess is angry. Eat it, quickly.”


    “Oh my god! She really ate that!”

    Rubetria was tired of the bullying.

    Then one day, she said,

    ‘I want to live a wonderful life like that woman for just one day.’

    180 degrees change.

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