Cultivating by picking up attributes, I accumulate my strength!

Cultivating by picking up attributes, I accumulate my strength!

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    Han Ye crossed into the world of a fantasy cultivation epoch, transmigrating into a tenant farmer in Langlang Village. Believing he was doomed to live his life in toil and hardship, he accidentally awakened a destiny called “Accumulated Attributes Released at Once”.

    “Accumulated Attributes Released at Once”: Not unlike how constant dripping wears away a stone, or how hard frost forms at three feet not overnight, it allows one to accumulate the attributes of others. Remaining quiet until the moment you choose to release it, one can then shock everyone with their power.

    In Langlang Village, he worked alongside farmers, and secretly listened to lectures in private schools.

    “Strength of an Ox +1”

    “Slightly Versed in Literature and Ink +1”

    In the Sect’s Grand Competition, disciples compete and are selected through observation.

    “Fire Spiritual Root +1”

    “Sword Heart Clarity +1”

    With such assistance, hope ignited within Han Ye. He steadily developed, diligently accumulated attributes and improved his strength to allow himself to transform, growing stronger in silence.

    That year, the gears of fate began to turn. No one expected that the tranquil world of immortal cultivators, which had remained peaceful for ten thousand years, would begin to descend into chaos!

    As the Heavens collapsed, the great powers emerged; immortals descended, sparking a war between the righteous and the demonic.

    No one could have imagined that a humble tenant farmer from those years past could rise to become Han the Respected One, feared by the world.

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