Daddy! Come Home for Dinner!

Daddy! Come Home for Dinner!

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    The Zhekova family's young master approached Cindy Clarke with an old phone and said, “You dropped this five years ago, and I picked it up. Do you still deny it?”

    Five years ago, she was set up and got pregnant.

    Cindy Clarke never imagined that the father of her son would turn out to be the Prince Charming that the entire nation loved.

    She had a weak father, a scheming mother, and a sister plotting to harm her?

    None of that mattered!

    Adrian Zhekova said, “Whatever they want, I'll give it all to you. Let them be jealous.”

    If her opponents slandered Cindy Clarke?

    Adrian Zhekova said, “I'll shut down their account.”

    Don't like it? Endure it!

    Morgan Clarke said, “Sob, sob... Arthur Woods says I'm an illegitimate child without a dad.”

    After the Woods family went bankrupt, Adrian Zhekova turned to Cindy Clarke and asked, “When are you going to make us official?”

    Cindy Clarke replied, “Since I met you, it's been like having a cheat code. Everything goes my way.”

    Adrian Zhekova replied, “That's right, I'm that cheat code.”

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