Dungeon King: A Lady Knight Offered by My Goblins

Dungeon King: A Lady Knight Offered by My Goblins

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    “The Earth was chosen by the gods, and all humans were sent to another world, participating in a 'Dark Lord and Hero's game'.

    Billions of humans played the roles of 'Dark Lord' and 'Hero', each needing to choose their initial race at the beginning.

    Ethan Jackson was matched to the 'Dark Lord' faction and became a Dungeon King.

    To his surprise, he found that he could see hidden information that others couldn't...

    [Goblin Dark Lord] Low-level Bloodline, not recommended.

    [Stone Giant Dark Lord] Mid-level Bloodline, not recommended.

    [Magical Treant Dark Lord] High-level Bloodline, recommended.

    [Golden Divine Dragon Dark Lord] Top-level Bloodline, highly recommended!


    Heroes coveted Ethan's dungeon, and the treasures within it attracted numerous adventurers.

    Among them, there were young Lady Knights, the saints of the royal capital, tsundere female magicians, and innocent but naive female priests...

    Ethan could never have anticipated that.

    As the game had just begun, the dungeon's Goblin guards caught a Lady Knight and offered her to him as a tribute.”

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