Eldritch Creature's Guide

Eldritch Creature's Guide

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    “Welcome to the Cosmos of Madness!”

    Said a man with long red hair and piercing golden eyes as he descended from the stars.

    “You have been chosen for a great purpose! Task! Mission! Destiny!”

    He shouted dramatically as countless worlds heard his every word, from the lowest peasants to the mighty entities in the lofty palaces in the Higher Dimension.

    “All of you accept your destiny as a sacrifice to Daemon Sultan, Blind Idiot God, Primordial Demiurge, Azathoth!”

    And then Apocalypse descended.


    Follow the journey of self-named Samiel Zentaur, a half-mad worshipper of the Outer Gods, on the Path of Transcendence and in his path to find himself.

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