Fated love: the unwanted bride

Fated love: the unwanted bride

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    There was breaking news in Beijing. “Master Qiao’s wife for twelve years ran away! Without taking her son with her!”

    Rumors spread like wildfire. Some said that Master Qiao was two-faced with a cold attitude which led to an unhappy marriage. Others said his wife got together with another man. And a few said, their son was too ugly.

    One day, the little boy found Ye Jiaqi and cried,” Qiqi, daddy says I was bought from a pet shop.”

    “How can you buy such a gorgeous son from the pet shop,” Ye Jiaqi replied, “You were obviously won… From a lottery.”

    Twenty years ago, he had spoiled her to the heavens. Twenty years later, he spoiled both of them to the heavens and back.

    And from then on, Master Qiao had only one person in his heart.

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