From Soldier to Officer: A Game Addict's Journey

From Soldier to Officer: A Game Addict's Journey

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    Reborn in 2009, except that it seemed quite unusual.

    In this life, Wang Ye had a rich family but he was addicted to gaming. He even spent an entire night playing games when he had to take the college entrance examination the next day.

    Not knowing what to do, his father decided to send Wang Ye to the army as a soldier to cure his addiction.

    Two years later…

    When he had a video call with his son, he was ready to ask when he would be discharged from the army and come back to inherit the family business.

    Wang Ye, dressed in an officer’s uniform, directly shocked his father with his answer.

    “Dad, I’m ready to work in the army all the way to become a general. About the family business, how about you and mom give birth to another son to inherit it?”

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