Hide Your Identities Or Inherit Millions

Hide Your Identities Or Inherit Millions

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    Joven, an AI that transmigrated here from the stars became a daughter of a rich family, lost in a rural village but finally returning home for a certain purpose.

    Everyone thought that she would be unrefined and lack culture given her poor upbringing... until the eldest Lu brother realized that his youngest sister was the one who casually agreed to the contract he just signed.

    Second Lu Brother: What? My younger sister invested in the movie I was leading?

    Mama Lu: The unlabeled products my daughter gave me are from a state-of-art research center?

    Papa Lu: The cheap stuff my daughter gave me is actually worth millions?!

    Big shots of various industries: Would you like to be an instructor? The type who earns over hundreds of millions?

    A certain conglomerate: Had enough fun yet? Now get back here and inherit your billion-dollar estate.

    Scumbags: Weren't we promised a pathetic wimp to bully?


    The day Li Hanzhou learned that Qiao Wen equaled him in net worth, he made inventory and put everything before her. “You can have all of these—plus one husband! Please sign here.”

    Qiao Wen: “You're the one who insisted on no puppy-love. It's important to keep your promises.”

    Mr. Li: #Urgent! How do I go back in time to slap my past self?

    I'll make it up to you with all the tenderness in the world.

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