How To Be A Demon lord: The Former Hero's Journey As A Demon Lord!

How To Be A Demon lord: The Former Hero's Journey As A Demon Lord!

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    How is it you go about defining good and evil?

    A question that has plagued the mind of our protagonist ever since he was born.


    Floid, a young man born on earth suddenly finds himself transported into a world of magic and demons after playing the mysterious game 'Rivalle'. But in this world, he is reincarnated as a demon instead of the regular hero he played as.

    Join Floid as he paves his own path in this new world as a demons while facing suspicion for looking just like the greatest enemy of the demons, the hero.


    I'd like to put this here for all those who will be interested in reading. This book is not the sort of novel where the main character goes around taking all the abilities in the world for himself. Nor would it be a book where only the main character has screen time and we only focus on what he's doing as he goes around saving damsels in distress. I want to write a novel where all the characters have their personalities and trials. The readers do not have to love only the MC since all the characters have something worth relating to, they can like any of the characters.

    There will be powers that the MC cannot have (Ever) and people the MC cannot fight (For now). Things will happen outside of the MC's control and he might never even know about it. If things like these aren't to your liking, or if you want a book where you just watch the MC run around and spawn crazy skills mindlessly, then this book might not be for you. But if you can stay with me on this journey, I promise to write something you'll love.

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