Hunter Academy's Battle God

Hunter Academy's Battle God

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    With an F-rank Trait, deemed the worst of the worst, 5-year old Shin Yu-sung is abandoned by the Shin-oh family, which is famous for raising hunters.

    The same year, he meets one of the strongest hunters, the Fist King, at the orphanage and is adopted by him.

    The Fist King became the strongest not through his Trait or special abilities — but by training his body.

    He takes note of Shin Yu-sung’s physique instead of his Trait—

    Nine blocked yin pathways.

    “Your blocked pathways cause your body’s mana to overflow, giving you an exceptional mind and god-like looks! But you also pass away before coming of age…”

    An abundance of bodily yang.

    “Your body is overflowing with the energy that can cure your nine blocked yin pathways!”

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