I Became the Best Forensic Doctor After My Betrayal

I Became the Best Forensic Doctor After My Betrayal

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    “You slut! You cheated on me! I want a divorce!”

    “Do it willingly, or I will expose your shameless acts to the public!”

    “How could you sleep with another man, Shen Yin? How could you betray your husband?”

    Caught cheating by her husband, best friend, and mother-in-law, Shen Yin wanted to explain herself but could not.

    She had never expected that her surprise for her husband would go so wrong.

    However, when she returned home to find her husband and her best friend in bed, she realized that it was just their ploy!

    Signing the divorce papers, Shen Yin left with resolve, and made a grand return five years later as a beautiful forensic doctor with a son, here to torture scum and to woo new lovers! One day, her child whistled at a man with a Maserati, saying, “You don’t have to wait for my mom, sir. She’s gone to register her marriage!”

    The man alighted and picked him up, growling, “I’m your father. Address me as such!”

    However, the man was jealous…

    Who was Shen Yin marrying when her baby daddy was right here?!

    Gritting his teeth and dashing to the civil office, he scooped Shen Yin and threw her over his shoulder as he carried her away, smacking her painfully on the butt as he did.

    “You’ve gotten bold… but don’t think you can marry anyone else behind my back! I’ll straighten you out tonight, in bed!”

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