I Became the Billionaire's Target After Pulling Out From My Marriage

I Became the Billionaire's Target After Pulling Out From My Marriage

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    In her previous life, Jiang Youyi's scumbag husband betrayed her and cheated on her after they married. She watched as the mistress entered her home and took over her position.

    Not only was she humiliated, but the scumbag and his despicable woman also framed her, causing her to be burdened with millions of dollars in debt.

    However, she never expected to wake up one day and be reborn, back to a few days before her wedding.

    On the day of the wedding, in front of millions of viewers watching the live stream and thousands of guests at the wedding venue, she publicly called off the wedding.

    She boldly declared, “Yes, I don't love Xu Yuning, but Lu Yunxiao!”

    With these casual words, she thrust the enigmatic trillionaire heir of the Lu family into the spotlight and turned the scumbag into a laughingstock.

    Everyone speculated on how Jiang Youyi could have become involved with Lu Yunxiao, the top tycoon of Hai City. In reality, only Jiang Youyi knew deep down that she was talking nonsense and randomly found a man as an excuse.

    But she never expected that the day after she called off the wedding, the top-notch mogul mentioned her on Weibo and said, “I'm really curious, what does Miss Jiang like about me?”

    Jiang Youyi had no choice but to bluff and reply, “Some people come into your life like gifts. I don't know what I like about you, but just the thought of you brightens my heart and fills me with happiness.”

    Five minutes later, Jiang Youyi received another reply from the tycoon himself, “Since that's the case, I'll fulfill your wish.”

    Jiang Youyi was confused.

    That day, Weibo exploded. The tech team worked overnight to fix the server crash caused by the surge in traffic, and countless female fans lamented their lost love!

    Only Jiang Youyi silently wished she could find a place to hide...

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