I Have a Shop of Infinite Resources

I Have a Shop of Infinite Resources

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    Because she was obsessed with survival games, Tang Su was forewarned in her dream. She hoarded resources like crazy before she transmigrated into a survival romance game, becoming the gold-digger female support character. She would end up tormented by the female lead, and her family, who used to spoil her, were destroyed as well. As for the female lead? Six big shots with different personalities spoiled her as she rose to the top.

    However, Tang Su had a shop with billions of resources, so she did not care. Outdoors, she could destroy monsters and build bases; indoors, she could make gourmet food and build squads, leading her family as they traveled across the world where dangers lurked everywhere. She made her three brothers the champions of the world and took in the lonesome final boss, living such a great life that the female lead was jealous. The final boss was handsome, aloof, and ruthless, though he was more than that in private.

    While he kept everyone at arm’s length, he was more than affectionate towards Tang Su, restraining his cruelty just to get her. He carefully disguised himself as a minion and willingly revealed his fatal weakness to her, giving her all his tenderness. Unable to resist him, Tang Su obediently submitted to him. After all, everyone’s heart would race when they saw the final boss spoiling his wife! However, what was wrong with those six big shots? Why were they saying that they didn’t mind another comrade? Big shots: Tang Su, we can warm your bed for you…Shen Zhiting: Haha! Dream on!

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