Lucky Marriage: Bigshot's Pampered Wife

Lucky Marriage: Bigshot's Pampered Wife

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    Gu Wan’an stared at everyone while they mocked her. She was married to a crippled man with an undesirable appearance. Everyone was waiting for her to make a fool out of herself. However, to her surprise, the bigshot pampered her beyond reason. “I thought you were crippled!” Gu Wan’an fumed.

    The man smiled devilishly. “I used to be, but I’ve made a complete recovery.”

    “Ptooey! I want a divorce!”

    “Gu Wan’an, I’m the only man for you!” He exclaimed.

    Gu Wan’an couldn’t resist kicking him. Surprisingly, he hugged her leg. “Honey, did you hurt your leg from kicking me? Let me give you a massage,” he said with a painful expression.

    Later, her identity was exposed. Her younger sister returned. “Mr. Gong, she’s a con artist. I’m your real wife!”

    The bigshot pulled Gu Wan’an into his arms. “Aside from her, I don’t want anyone else!”

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