Manipulative Harem God

Manipulative Harem God

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    The Little Monk: “How to write a smart main character?”

    Master Ogaway: “Make other characters dumb.”

    “...” The Little Monk, “Then how to make other characters smart?”

    Master Ogaway: “Make the main character dumb.”

    “...” The Little Monk, “...Really?”

    The Little Monk is now on mission to eliminate dumbness from the Harem Genre!

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    Synopsis: Zhang Wei was a born in small village of Haland country in earth, he was neither extremely rich nor academically excellent.

    His mother died in an accident few years after his birth, leaving him alone with his father. His father was an alcoholic, unable to take the grief of his wife's death, he started gambling and occasionally beating Zhang Wei.

    One day, tired of daily beating, Zhang Wei pushed his father back in anger, leading to his father stumble and hit his head, resulting in immediate death.

    “Did I commit a murder....?”

    Zhang Wei was eight years old, when he lost both of his parents, finally unable to live at the small village he left in fear of being caught by police.

    Frightened and extremely nervous he settled in the farthest place as possible.

    It was the Qingyun City.

    Working part time, he gathered money and finished his high school education and enrolled for Qingyun University.

    Finishing his degree in Business management, he married with one of the collage flowers, after turning twenty three.

    At twenty five years old, he was having a heated argument with his beautiful wife, that can even put fairies of heaven to shame.

    “Zhang Wei! She was the maid of our house, how can you lay your hands on her!”

    Yu Lei, his wife screamed hysterically in anger, showing him a picture on her phone.

    “She is pregnant with your kid now!!! Just why!!”

    The picture showed pregnancy results of contact saved in Yu Lei's phone as “Hao Yue (Maid)”, needless to say, the results of the test were positive.

    Even after all this, Zhang Wei stood there with expressionless look.

    Seventeen years have passed, the last time he accidentally killed his father... After seventeen years he wanted to kill someone again, and she was “Hao Yue.”

    Zhang Wei was not working rather living by leeching of his lovely wife Ye Lie.

    There was a unknown side to him, that his wife wasn't aware of... A monster was hiding inside of him...

    All he needed was an opportunity power to unleash the beast inside of him, and that opportunity arrived one day.

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