Monster Factory

Monster Factory
Chao Ji Guai Shou Gong Chang, 超級怪獸工廠, 超级怪兽工厂

Monster Factory

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    I am Ye Qing. Lucky I found a [Monster Factory] application.

    This bunch of super strong monsters are individually comparable to over 100 human beings, and they bring all kinds of skills!

    Efficiency? With the skill processing speed +300, you still want to compete?

    Precision? *cough, cough* Bring me that legendary dial caliper, let’s show them what absolute precision really mean.

    Ye Qing: When, us, men want to be successful, we pull out our wallets.

    Monsters: Don’t play those malice games with us. The creation of ultimate machinery is our love and life. These impenetrable bodies are our tools of the trade.

    A 20 meter tall, overly buffed, savage looking monsters hold on to a ultimate cutting machine and yelled at the sky: “I am not targeting anyone specifically! Rather I am telling you all that, everything, in front of me and my tools are, nothing, but TRASH!”

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