Online Game: You Call Him A Newbie?

Online Game: You Call Him A Newbie?

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    With the invasion of foreign races, the online game, Divine Realm, fused with reality and caused the real world to become digitalized.

    Everyone could awaken their own talent and raise their levels and strengths inside Divine Realm to defend themselves against foreign races.

    During the invasion, Lin Feng, a divine level expert of the Dragon Country, was betrayed and murdered by Qianye Yuan, the divine level guardian of the Island Country. After his death, Lin Feng woke up and realized that he had reincarnated back to the time just before he entered college, a day before the talent test for the Divine Realm game.

    He had awakened the SSS-grade talent, All Methods Known, that no one had ever seen before.

    He could master the abilities of every class and could use experience points to level up his abilities. To make it even better, there was no growth limit for his abilities.

    [Jade Emperor’s Immortal Body: Double all basic attributes with each level up.]

    [Space Traveller: Able to move freely through spaces (500 + 50% magic attack) x Skill Level / Effect Range.]

    [Frozen Ice Shard: Launch an ice spear. The ice spear will explode after hitting an enemy, causing 200% magical damage to the enemy. The ice shards will spread out and damage all enemies within a 30 meters radius, causing 80% magical damage to the enemies. Enemies hit by the skill will be affected by a 50% speed reduction for 1 minute.]

    [Blazing Tempest: …]

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