Origin Court: Accepting Disciples With A System

Origin Court: Accepting Disciples With A System

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    Yang Lujia, a sought-after, handsome, sports-driven, and seemingly perfect man with an outstanding family background was killed in a plane bombing orchestrated by his so-called pals. Before he even knew it, his soul traveled through space, and his supposed-to-be ending unexpectedly took turns.

    Unknowingly, he set foot into a world made up of five realms where strength matters most. Then, one day, following a mission, he started accepting disciples.

    [Ding! The system has discovered an S-Class Genius! System’s Fifth Ability Unlocked: Disciple Acknowledgment!]

    [New Mission: Recruit and acknowledge the Holy Flood Empire's S-Class Genius. The reward will be issued upon acknowledgment from both parties.]

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