People Found Out About The Base I Built On the Moon

People Found Out About The Base I Built On the Moon

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    Zhao Yu came to the deserted planet to build a base, create an underground city and hide in it.

    Worried about the threat from the unknown civilization, Zhao Yu dug out a small half of the planet and built star destroyer cannons capable of destroying the planet, as well as tens of thousands of fully intelligent mechanical dogs in various forms.

    The defensive robotic dog, the Gate God, would disguise itself as a small mountain and fortify around the base.

    Detection and gathering robot dog – Tsotan, would disguise as a rolling stone and wander around the planet to collect useful resources.

    Combat robot dog – Nezha, would disguise as a crater, scattered around the base, ready to be able to attack the enemies that may come.

    Around the base, they were ready to attack the enemies that might come.

    On this day, his gathering robot dog – Tsotan, dragged back a spaceship. It captured three alien creatures, claiming to be from Earth.

    Zhao Yu was confused. “Didn’t I travel to the deep space of the universe? How come I’m on the back of the moon and being treated as an alien by humans?”

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