Rebirth of a Nation's Darling – Prince Charming

Rebirth of a Nation's Darling – Prince Charming

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    In her past life, Si Huang was controlled and manipulated by her family. She was hailed as the best leading actor of her generation, yet she met a tragic end.

    Unexpected circumstances granted her a rebirth. She could start all over again—with the bonus of a peculiar inheritance.

    ‘This is my chance!’ Si Huang thought, stroking her chin. ‘This time, I will have my revenge. An eye for an eye.’


    She reclaimed her throne in the entertainment industry, becoming the number one prince charming in the eyes of women by day, and she wielded a dark power—being a vicious mastermind behind the scenes by night.

    One word and the stock market was under her control. She was the mysterious angel of fortune among businessmen.

    One fist was enough to bring her enemies to their knees. She was a tiny conqueror among an army of men.

    Mm… And she was the object of a certain someone’s affection.

    However, one day, the world rose into an uproar—this prince charming was a woman!


    Amidst the swarm of lascivious men, a certain man smirked. ‘I’ve been guarding my wife for a very long time. Who would dare steal her?’

    “Sir, Mr. Li has invited Young Master Si to dinner.”

    “Shut down his family’s hotel.”

    “Sir, Young Master Si had a fight with the Wang Family’s heir.”

    “Send a message to the surgeon. Ensure that he gives the patient the ‘special treatment’.”

    “Huh? But Young Master Si is alright.”

    “I was referring to the Wang Family’s son.”



    Many years later, their little bundle of joy pointed at the television screen, which was showcasing The Nation’s Most Desirable Men and Women. The little one stared at the man beside him, looking very confused.

    “What’s wrong, little one?” the man asked, radiant with fatherly gentleness.

    The little one pointed at the television hesitantly, going back and forth multiple times before finally asking, “Are you my daddy or mommy?”

    The man’s face darkened instantly. “I’m your father, of course!”

    “But they say that my daddy is the real prince charming, and prince charming married you!” The little one explained with a serious look on his face.

    The man was speechless.

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