Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman

Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman

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    Revenge is the only thing she wants after knowing the truth.

    However, this revenge can satisfy her? Revenge for the man and woman that betray her in her past life is not worth it.

    “Wait, where am I? What's this place?” She asks.

    “This is your space and I'm your guardian.” A little boy answer.

    With this space, she climbed higher in this life. At the same time, someone reaches her hand and said that he will help her. To protect what she needs to protect.


    The Man: You don't want to have revenge on them?

    The woman: No. They are not worth. But if they are looking for death. I don't mind giving them some lessons.

    The Man: Good. Then you can focus on me.

    The woman: ....

    ***This story development is very slow.

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