Restart:Untalented Man

Restart:Untalented Man

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    Riz is a fresh graduate who has been job hunting for a year. In terms of talent, he has no talent. Always a mediocre type of person. The only good point he has is that he is a hardworking person. After so many failed interviews, he starts to get dispirited. However, as he does not so easily give in to that feeling, he resolves to try his luck in the last interview he has.

    Indeed, it is his last interview. An accident occurs on his way there.

    When he opens his eyes, he is in the middle of the forest, tattered clothes with blood on it.

    “Th-this...”, Riz was shocked as he found his body smaller than it should be.

    It didn't take him too much time to understand everything that happened. He becomes the youngest son of a count.

    Finding himself in the backward world, he who has no ambition previously is in a dilemma. At first, he just wants to live quietly and enjoy the richness and privilege as a noble. But then circumstances push him in a different direction.

    One event led to another, now he finds himself at the top of power.

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