Return of the Calamity-Class Death Knight

Return of the Calamity-Class Death Knight
멸망급 데스나이트가 회귀함

Return of the Calamity-Class Death Knight

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    The Death Knight, who mu*dered his family and brought calamity upon humanity, is given the chance to go back in time and correct his mistakes.

    Damien Haksen possessed talent that would have gone down in history. However, an Archlich, the pinnacle of Dark Magic, turned him into a Death Knight and made him live as a s*ave.

    Under the Archlich’s command, he ultimately mu*dered his own family and destroyed an entire Kingdom.

    He regained his senses at the very last moment, but it was already too late. Just as he was about to give up everything, a miracle occurred.


    Returning to where he was before it all began, his goal was clear.

    “This time, I’ll live solely for the happiness and future of my family. Of course…”

    After condemning every last one of those filthy Dark Mages and giving them a taste of hell!

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