Sovereign of the Ashes

Sovereign of the Ashes

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    Sein was only a child when he was abducted from the surface world and forced to join the Black Magic Academy. In the Underworld, strength reigns supreme and the weak struggles to survive. As the death toll of magic initiates continues to rise within the walls of the academy, Sein’s quest for knowledge and power is a constant battle for survival.

    Memories of his parents and the starry night sky in the surface world are fading with each passing day in the Underworld.

    “Is Magus World the name of the world we live in? Where is my home in the Magus World?” These are the burning questions that Sein has in mind.

    Will he be able to rise to the pinnacle of power, discover the truth of the world and ultimately find his way back home?

    Official blurb:

    He hails from the banished land of the Underworld, bound by a single unforgiving rule—survival of the fittest. He is the seeker of truth, a mage who treads the fine line between sanity and madness. In a world where myths have crumbled and chaos holds sway, it is strength that reigns supreme.

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