Substitute Marriage: Reborn As The Top Big-Shot

Substitute Marriage: Reborn As The Top Big-Shot

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    [Number one romance novel in the universe—face slapping, scum-torturing, power couple!]

    Isabella Thompson, who was abandoned in a village was suddenly brought home by her rich parents.

    Her father: You are different from your sister. She has a bright future ahead and is destined to be a phoenix who would soar the skies! There's no way she would marry a cripple! You are getting off easy here!

    Her mother: The Yu family is rich and powerful. Standing in for your sister in marriage is your food fortune! Know what's good for you!

    Theodore Yu used to be a famous prodigy, but lost his glow after a car accident and didn't even make it to high school. With one being a poor village bumpkin and the other a well-known piece of trash, they were a match for each other.

    But while everyone was waiting for Miss Thompson to make a fool of herself, she and that piece of trash appeared at a banquet where big shots gathered.

    Isabella Thompson: I came to work as a waitress.

    Theodore Yu: What a coincidence, I'm here to work part-time as well.

    Hence, everyone watched as they carried trays around for the whole night.


    On the day of their marriage, every important figure in the capital attended.

    Big Shot One: I'll help make arrangements for Mr. Yu's grand wedding!

    Big Shot Two: Welcome back to the capital, Miss Thompson!

    Big Shot Three:...

    Seeing those big shots who persistently made headlines, Grace Thompson was filled with regretful tears.

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