System Of The Undead

System Of The Undead

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    Many years ago, a meteorite crashed into earth in New York city and this was the beginning of mankind's unprecedented evolution.

    The year was 2030 and humanity had reached a stage that would not have been possible otherwise without this external factor but they weren't satisfied. In the selfish attempt for humanity to once again force their evolution, the search for immortality began.

    A man named Dr. Schneider was the man responsible for this feat and he did achieve his goal but like the saying goes, be careful for what you wish for because that immortality came in the form of something perverse and twisted to nature.

    It came in the form of zombies.

    The world was in shambles or was it?

    Jason, a 21 year-old shut in, he was at the bottom of the food ladder due to his life choices, disowned and alone, he was willing to waste the left his life gaming but even with this dedication, he wasn't that great a gamer.

    But fate had something in store and that was in the form of a 'virus' transmitted through the gaming headset he had on and this would change Jason's life for either for better or for worse.