The Big Shot's Movie Star Wife Is Beautiful and Sassy

The Big Shot's Movie Star Wife Is Beautiful and Sassy

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    Daisy Zane was the illegitimate daughter of the Miles family?

    She grew up in the countryside and never went to school?

    The Miles family even publicly declared that they would never acknowledge her?


    When Daisy Zane's true identity was exposed, the Miles family immediately prepared a banquet to welcome her back into the family.

    But Daisy Zane directly refused, saying, “Are you even worthy, Miles family?”


    Surprisingly, the third young master of the Imperial Capital fell in love with a wild girl who had never received an education. It was said that he doted on her, and she was the most precious thing to him.

    While the whole Imperial Capital was shocked, Lord Clark proudly said, “My wife is extraordinary.”


    Kevin Clark never believed in love at first sight until he met Daisy Zane...

    In the north, there was a beauty who captivated the country and the city with her devastating beauty...


    Daisy Zane loved wearing dresses, and later on... all of Kevin Clark's shirt buttons matched the colors of her dresses.

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