The Black Beast's Useless Concubine

The Black Beast's Useless Concubine

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    Banruo Village was all Bai Ye knew in her 15 years of existence in this world of magical beasts, fickle spirits, and mystical practice.

    Growing up with only her grandfather as her support, her life was turned upside down when the old man was found murdered.

    Following the tragedy, the man whom she loved since childhood betrayed her in the vilest way possible.

    Bai Ye was left with no choice but to kill herself. Alas, even after being driven to the brink of despair, death eluded the young girl.

    With her family blood awakened, she was prompted by a mysterious man to join the Erudition Trails in Imperial City in order to escape the tightening claws of her ex-fiancé.

    Chapter List[ 744 Chapters ]