The Cute Yandere Next to Me

The Cute Yandere Next to Me

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    Sara Fujiharu, the cutest girl in the school, is also known as the 'Seatmate Bully'. Every few weeks, the class seating changes and every time, Fujiharu-san gets a new target. What's her goal? To make the boy sitting next to her fall in love, and once she does, she destroys their heart, crushing their love.

    Why does she do this? I still don't know.

    It's March 23rd, the day of the seating change. So far, ten boys have fallen for her traps, her playful attitude, her innocent face, not a single boy so far has managed to brush off her attacks-and every single time, their weak hearts have been crushed.

    Now it's my turn.

    However, my heart is not so easily played with.

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