The Hunter's Lucky Little Lady

The Hunter's Lucky Little Lady

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    After transmigrating, Li Xiao became a poor little girl from the third branch of the Li family. She was exhausted and couldn’t even get food to eat.

    To make things worse, her parents were weak-willed and didn’t resist.

    They watched helplessly as Li Xiao’s grandparents forced her to marry the most notorious and ruthless hunter in the village.

    But it turns out that this hunter, who everyone in the village avoided, was actually a kind-hearted man.

    Marrying him wasn’t that bad, but to avoid any future problems, Li Xiao needed to get her parents out of the Li family! Luo Cheng: “My darling wife, don’t worry. Leave it all to me!”

    However, it seems that her husband was not an ordinary man, as danger seemed to follow him wherever he went.

    The good thing was that Li Xiao was also quite unusual, and had very good luck and empathic abilities. She saved her husband time and time again.

    And those bad characters who were plotting from the shadows suffered over and over again…

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