The Malevolent Female Villain Turns Out to Be Me

The Malevolent Female Villain Turns Out to Be Me

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    “Foodie + rebirth + whole group’s darling + real or fake rich lady + brainless villain”

    The pure and silly little foodie Ye Jinmeng discovered that her new roommate was very unfriendly towards her. Having watched many Mary Sue dramas, Ye Jinmeng thought: could this be a villainess? But as long as she doesn’t steal my food, I don’t care how she acts.

    Until later, Ye Jinmeng finally realized that she herself was the villainess…

    Xu Wanwan discovered that the enemy who had destroyed her entire family in her previous life was actually living in the same dorm room as her. Having been reborn, her anger meter was instantly maxed out.

    But who could tell her, how could this piglet be so knowledgeable about food?

    Shi Shuning: In my wife’s eyes there is only food, not me. I feel wronged.

    He Junting: ? You feel wronged compared to me? As long as your wife is around, my wife can’t even see me…

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