The Sims: I Open the Immortal Path for All Beings

The Sims: I Open the Immortal Path for All Beings

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    A youth who obtained a life simulator, with the help of the simulator, began his journey as a mundane martial artist and reached the pinnacle, explored immortality, pursued godliness, opening up a path for all beings, and finally became a founder of the Great Tao.【Fifty in the Great Tao, Forty-Nine Heavenly Paths, one escapes! Therefore, all things in the world have a thread of life!】

    At sixteen: You broke through to a Ninth-grade Martial Artist, thus deterring all ill-intentioned enemies.

    At two hundred: You shattered the confines of heaven and earth, unlocked your Divine Hidden body, and certified the Path of Human Immortal.

    At three hundred: You comprehended the natural world, and certified the Heavenly Immortal Way.

    At seven hundred and eighty-six: You validated Immortal Path five times, ascended to heaven in one step, and certified the position of Dao Monarch.


    After countless simulations,【You paved the Immortal Path for all beings and were revered as the founder of the Great Tao.】

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