The Unique Guardian Beast Master in Cultivation World

The Unique Guardian Beast Master in Cultivation World

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    【Immortal Cultivation system unpacking… data file error…would you like to unpack again?】


    【Unpacking successful…Renaming Immortal Cultivation guidance system…】

    【The Beast Trainer System is at your service!】

    The child was stunned.

    This is clearly the world of Immortal Cultivation, where did this Beast Trainer come from?!


    【Achievement task: Supreme Paramountcy!】

    【System check, you’ve become the strongest Beast Trainer in the current world, reward is being distributed!】

    【Supreme Body of Ten Thousand Spirits】

    【Explanation: You will become the Supreme of Ten Thousand Spirits, the source of immortal spirit. Every drop of your blood, every single hair, can grant immortality and infinite potential to all things, breaking free from all constraints to achieve undying immortality.】

    Cluck! Quack!

    A cold shiver suddenly swept over the child, snapping him out of his daze. He immediately saw dozens of pairs of greedy eyes full of desire staring at him. They were from his domestic poultry who were all staring at him uniformly…

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