The Valiant Farmgirl's Blackhearted Husband Wants a Hug

The Valiant Farmgirl's Blackhearted Husband Wants a Hug

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    Qin Xiaoyao transmigrated one day, becoming the recently married wife of the Song Family, whom everyone in the village scorned for being poor and desperate.

    Her mother-in-law was sick, while her uncle and aunt were very young.

    Her husband was gorgeous but was bed-ridden with illness.

    They all lived in a small straw hut and would survive daily on what rice and soup they could scrape together.

    However, she was the very cause of their desperation.

    As the youngest daughter of a butcher, her father forced this marriage on her because of her husband’s good looks and scholarly title.

    She married Song Que precisely like she wished but could not bear the life of poverty and had very much dug herself a hole.

    Glancing at her own round figure, she sighed.

    It turns out that she was the one who was tricked instead! Female lead: A woman from the future.

    Strong physically but also possess superpowers.

    A sucker for good-looking men. Smart.Male lead: Reincarnated. An evil-looking man who was ruthless.

    A comedy with strong lead characters.

    Welcome to your new pit, dearies.

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