The Villain's Little Sister is Spoiled by the Male Lead

The Villain's Little Sister is Spoiled by the Male Lead

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    Transmigration + Sweet Petting + Overbearing President

    Beautiful Lady of Capital Circle vs. Noble Abstinent Prince of Capital Circle

    Fantasy, please don’t overthink it!

    Synopsis: In a certain male-oriented novel, the male lead Chi Yu is the prince of the Capital circle. He has been blessed since childhood, gathering little brothers all the way until he finally becomes the world’s richest man.

    During Chi Yu’s journey of leveling up and defeating enemies, there must have been cannon fodder villains who get faceslapped by him. The transmigrator Song Luoqiu finds that her brother, Song Luosheng, is that biggest villain.

    Song Luosheng is a young master of a prestigious Capital family, same age as the male lead. The two grew up together in the same courtyard. Song Luosheng matches the male lead in looks, abilities and more, but has been ruthlessly suppressed into second place ever since childhood. He sees the male lead as his biggest rival. After continuous failures in his fights against the male lead, Song Luosheng’s personality becomes distorted and he tries to harm the male lead, only to finally be killed by him!

    Song Luoqiu has always wanted to save her brother from the fate of a villain. On the other hand, the male lead already wants to call her brother “brother” too.

    After some time, Song Luoqiu awkwardly says to Chi Yu: “That’s my brother, you know.”

    Chi Yu bows to Song Luosheng: “Brother.”

    Song Luosheng grabs his head in agony: “I refuse this marriage!”

    When Song Luoqiu gets intimate with Chi Yu, she’s not serious about it. But Chi Yu feels extremely happy every day. His little brothers seem to have noticed something and ask: “Boss, do we have a sister-in-law now?”

    Chi Yu doesn’t deny it. Soon, the news that Chi Yu has a girlfriend spreads through the circle. Upon hearing it, Song Luoqiu instantly blocks him. What a scumbag!

    Not long after, Chi Yu finds her with slightly red eyes, “Song Luoqiu, are you tired of me now?”

    Chapter List[ 200 Chapters ]