Transmigrating and Raising Children: I'll Make Earth's Delicacies Go Viral

Transmigrating and Raising Children: I'll Make Earth's Delicacies Go Viral

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    Liao Ning came from an apocalyptic time. After killing a zombie and herself, she was bound to a system. It brought her to an interstellar era in a novel, where she accepted the quest of ‘transforming the villain and restoring the balance of the world in the novel’.

    The system gave her the identity of the villain’s aunt. By then, Villain No. 1 had yet to grow into a humanoid weapon. He was still an adorable child who could potentially turn into a nasty beast.

    Liao Ning, who adored children, immediately pulled Villain No. 1 into her arms and showered him with love. She even waved her hands. “Isn’t this about raising children? I’ll raise any child who comes my way!”

    [You don’t have to raise too many of them. Two will be more than enough,] the system said.

    To get close to Villain No. 2, Liao Ning offered two solutions. “One, I’ll become his nanny. Or, I’ll become his stepmother. I’ll marry his father just like in the novels!”

    Liao Ning had decided on her battle plan. However, the time for them to meet had yet to arrive. She decided to look after her own child first. The first thing she needed to do to raise him was to get rich!

    Liao Ning decided to achieve her goal by doing livestreams of her cooking. However, her culinary skills were so impressive that she became the number-one live-streamer in the entire galaxy! She even accidentally drew the attention of Villain No. 2’s youngest uncle.

    “We can share our experiences of raising children with one another. I am very experienced.” The man showed up in front of Liao Ning’s house with Villain No. 2 in his arms. He had an elegant smile on his face.

    “Experienced? Do you mean you’re experienced in raising a villain?” Liao Ning asked.

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