VRMMORPG: Dragomancer Reborn

VRMMORPG: Dragomancer Reborn

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    Arthur Grey was one of the many poor souls doomed to forever do menial dead end jobs.

    That was until, the rise of a new Virtual reality game Morpheus Online. It was a technological revolution that ushered in a new age for the world.

    One didn’t need to be educated! One didn’t need to go to college! All could simply strive to gain fortune in Morpheus Online and become rich!

    Arthur of course joined in on the opportunity presented and did his best to reap a fortune for himself. Unfortunately things didn’t go well for him and one day he perished in an earthquake.

    Miraculously though, fate had a different plan. Arthur found himself back in his 18 year old self! He had regressed!

    With all his memories intact, Arthur vowed to reach the top of Morpheus Online, taking advantage of all the secrets that were still hidden along with the biggest secret of them all: The Dragomancer’s Legacy!

    Taming dragons? Wielding their powers? All was within the grasp as long as one became a Dragomancer.

    But there was a lot more to the dark side of Morpheus Online that Arthur would discover, realizing there was more to his regression than just luck.

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