Wedding Night! A Regretful Marriage to Her Disabled Rival!

Wedding Night! A Regretful Marriage to Her Disabled Rival!

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    Gu Qingcheng had a fiery temper and was well-known for being a spoiled brat in Jiangcheng. She even had a good boyfriend who pampered her beyond reason.

    The only person who constantly went against her was her boyfriend’s uncle, Huo Sicheng. The two were known for being each other’s arch enemy.

    However, during Gu Qingcheng’s engagement party, she publicly called off her wedding and announced that she would marry the crippled Huo Sicheng instead. All the guests were shocked by the announcement.

    Just as everyone thought the couple would secretly argue all the time and guessed which of them would die first, the truth was…

    “Honey, I came home late because the traffic was awful. Open the door and let me in.” Gu Qingcheng looked pitiful when she knocked on the bedroom door.

    “Sleep in the living room,” Huo Sicheng said coldly.

    “Honey, someone bullied me today.”

    The next day, the person who bullied Gu Qingcheng disappeared into thin air.

    “Honey, they all said I’m fierce.”

    Huo Sicheng glanced at Gu Qingcheng. “That’s nonsense. You’re not fierce at all,” he said softly.

    Ever since then, Huo Sicheng became Gu Qingcheng’s accomplice in all the bad deeds she carried out. Neither of them felt exhausted when they worked together.

    Only Gu Qingcheng knew that a scumbag sowed a misunderstanding between her and Huo Sicheng before she reincarnated. After reincarnating, she decided to torture and humiliate all scumbags while giving Huo Sicheng all her love.

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