Why Did I Become the Villainess?

Why Did I Become the Villainess?

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    Ysavel, an aspiring writer, wakes up one day inside the world of her own novel. She thought it's those typical transmigration story she have read. However, she was shock when she discovers that she's been cast as the villainess in her own story.


    Shocked and dismayed, she realizes that the only way to return to the real world is to live out her role in the story. Initially, she accepts this fate, but things take an unexpected turn when the characters start deviating from the script.

    “I don't want another Queen. Youare the only one I want as my Queen, Csille.” Prince Fraser whispered.

    The male lead, who was expected to be annoyed by her constant pestering, instead becomes affectionate and attached to her.

    “It's inevitable, Lady Lauretré. You will still be the Queen, so I don't see any harm in what I said. Besides, I doubt the King or even the Crown Prince would be willing to change their minds about your engagement.”

    The female lead, who was supposed to separate the male lead from her, begins to play matchmaker between the male lead and the villainess.

    What should she do? She couldn't get back to the real world if she didn't finished the story as the villainess. But how can she finished it if the two leads are not following the script? Help!!!

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