Wolf of the Blood Moon: A Blood Magic

Wolf of the Blood Moon: A Blood Magic

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    When a Demonic Assault occurs, most people stuck inside of a Fracture end up hiding inside of a bunker in the hopes that they don’t end up killed by a demon.

    Others might even hope for the slightest possible chance at signing a contract with a spirit and becoming a Guardian.

    So when Scarlet was caught in a Fracture, the last thing she expected was to become a demon herself.

    Exactly two centuries ago, humanity was struck with their very first Demonic Assault.

    The skies above the capital of the US, shattering as if made of glass; demons of all kinds appearing out of nowhere; and no way to effectively stop them before the end of the Assault.

    On the brink of devastation, some of the humans managed to find themselves offered a contract whilst inside of a Fracture. One bringing a chance at power, fame, and fortune.

    Now, long after every nation of the world joined together to form the Terran Republic, Scarlet finds herself stuck trying to find a university from the Republic’s capital that will accept someone from a lower tier city into their midst.

    But, as if that wasn’t already enough trouble for one person to bear, she somehow ends up stuck in one of the Fractures of a Demonic Assault while visiting her father figure’s company building.

    However, she doesn't perish in the darkness and instead awakens her dormant bloodline as a noble demon.

    A Blood Lycan.

    Turns out she had been a demon all along and had been born for the apocalypse.

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