Boss, Don't Act All Mighty, Miss Pei is Married to Your Brother!

Boss, Don't Act All Mighty, Miss Pei is Married to Your Brother!

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    After spending five years in prison, Pei Xin was immediately taken to donate a kidney on the first day of her release. Pei Xin used to be the only heiress of the Pei family in the capital. She was the cherished pearl in her brother’s eyes and the apple of her parent’s eyes.

    However, one day she was suddenly told that she was just the child of a maid, and the maid had secretly switched the real heiress of the Pei family.

    Overnight, the pampered and spoiled Miss Pei became a malicious woman who had stolen someone else’s life. No one cared that she was just a baby in swaddling clothes over twenty years ago. The man who had once showered her with affection publicly broke off the engagement and personally sent her to prison.

    She thought that enduring five years of prison would be enough, but she didn’t expect those people to have no intentions of letting her go.

    Former fiancé: “Xue had a car accident and needs a kidney transplant. Give yours to her. It’s what you owe her.”

    Her brother: “Your life should have been Xue’s. Who are you to refuse?”

    They disregarded that she had congenital heart disease and used every means to force her to donate a kidney to the real heiress, Pei Xue.

    Later, she suffered a cardiac arrest during the surgery. Despite efforts to resuscitate her, it was all in vain, and the man who had pushed her toward death suddenly went crazy!

    Several years later, the man saw the girl he had yearned for day and night again, only to find her holding a child who resembled his older brother in her arms.

    She had actually married his older brother!

    Former fiancé: “Xinxin, you lied to me, didn’t you?”

    Lu Huai: “Don’t delude yourself. Call her your sister-in-law!”

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