Miss Shen is Actually A Bigshot in Witchcraft

Miss Shen is Actually A Bigshot in Witchcraft

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    Shen Chun was a bigshot in mystic arts. During a riot, she was severely injured after being set up by someone.

    While rescuing a population of several tens of thousands in a small town during a dire situation, she died in the line of duty.

    She thought her soul would be crushed. To her surprise, she was reborn as someone with the same given name and surname in the wealthy Shen family.

    The original Shen Chun was a young lady from a bankrupt family. Her parents died in an accident.

    Someone pushed her into the river on her way home after the funeral, so she also passed away. When the original Shen Chun was born, her parents went to a fortune-teller.

    The fortune-teller said she would bring bad luck to her future husband. If she wanted to live long, she’d have to find a suitable man and get married before her twentieth birthday.

    Otherwise, her life would be at risk.

    Shen Chun was barely reborn for a few days when the fiance, hand-picked by her family, called off the wedding because her family went bankrupt.

    Shen Chun was a bigshot; she knew that the fortune-teller was accurate.

    The original Shen Chun’s twentieth birthday was an obstacle, and she was destined for a great disaster.

    Meanwhile, the right man was hard to find. Shen Chun needed to make haste.

    Just as she scratched her head for a solution, she met the man who was the most suitable candidate for the original Shen Chun.

    This man had an extremely noble aura.

    She could tell from one look that he possessed a lot of power and influence.

    However, this man would bring bad luck to his wife! Not long after that, shocking news spread throughout the upper class.

    Master Zuo, the man who was known to bring bad luck to his wife, had a flash marriage with the young lady of the bankrupt Shen family!

    Everybody mocked them.

    “Who would end up getting the other killed first?”Surprisingly, the two of them not only lived long lives but also loved each other dearly!

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