Godly Replication System

Godly Replication System

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    In the heart of Dirtwich City, the Ruan family’s monthly combat contests draw fighters from all around. Among them, Ruan Xiude, a striking young competitor, stumbles upon a hidden Void. This Void reveals to him a unique attribute panel, visible to him alone. It grants him the Divine Level Duplication System, marking him as its sole chosen wielder. Ruan, once a simple orphan, now emerges as a notable figure in the martial realm of Zenithia Continent. Despite his talents, he’s not seen as the top contender in the Ruan family.

    Armed with the ability to duplicate martial arts and magical skills, Ruan’s destiny and the world’s balance are poised for a dramatic shift.

    But what unforeseen consequences will Ruan’s new powers unleash?

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