Host, Please Be Honest! What Exactly Are You?

Host, Please Be Honest! What Exactly Are You?

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    In another world called Blue Star, the famous son of wealth, Dorian D. Tian, is thrown into a whirl of unfortunate circumstances, resulting in his death.

    His parents had a brutal car accident that left them in a coma, and his uncle had quickly taken over the company, seized the company, making sure that he was financially crippled for good.

    With that, the famous young master struggled desperately.

    And in the end, he gave in to his despair and depression, leaving the sad, lonely world.

    The end?

    Heh... Think again!

    Because in that brief moment, the lifeless corpse suddenly opened its eyes, revealing a deep calm look.

    That's right. Another mysterious soul had entered the body.

    But if one thought that this story was just about revenge, then sorry... that wasn't even the half of it!


    The mysterious entity suddenly triggered an exorcist system.

    And from then on, both humans and even those from the underworld shuddered in fear and despair at the mysterious soul's cruelty.

    [Humans]: “Demon! Demon! You're definitely a demon!”

    [Demons]: “Help! Help! The famous demon wants to eat me!”

    [Evil Spirits]: “You!... Are you the one who is an evil spirit or us? Why the hell did it seem like you're the demonic one instead?”

    [Ghouls]: “You stay away from me! Stay away from me now, you evil entity!”

    [Hellhounds]: “Are you sure that you're not the son of hades?”

    The system couldn't help looking at its host in doubt.

    Its indicators said that its host was indeed mortal. But why did it feel like something was wrong with its host?

    Dorian lightly chuckled in amusement.

    He would also like to ask the same question.

    What exactly was his identity?

    Well, this would be the biggest mystery of all.

    But Dorian wasn't in a hurry.

    Who were his enemies, and who were his allies?

    Soon, he would find the truth.

    In the meantime, why not play a little?

    “Demon! stay back!”

    “Oooo~~~... I... I want to go back to the underworld where it's safe.”

    “Run for your lives! The demon is here!”


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