In A Cultivation World With An Entertainment Park

In A Cultivation World With An Entertainment Park

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    Arriving in a strange world filled with cultivators, Chu Che suddenly becomes the owner of an Entertainment system... Specifically, he becomes the owner of an Entertainment Park.

    [Chu Che: What? I get to own an Entertainment Park in another word?

    Author: Zip It MC. I'm talking.

    Chu Che: (“_”)] ....

    The young Chu Che begins his rise to the top.

    And along his path, he becomes a legendary master who countless people dare not offend.

    [Emperor Hoshi]: “Hahahahahahaha! I've just broken through after watching the 7th season of one piece! As expected of the entertainment park!”

    [The Great Elder Pei Mo]: “Damn You Park Owner! How can you close the park now? I was just about to rank up in the Elder Scrolls game!”

    [Fairy Wei Wei]: “This game is too much! How can I fall into a pit of snakes just like that? No way. I'm not reconciled! I, Fairy Wei Wei, must become victorious in this game of snakes and ladders.”

    [Goddess Laila]: “... ~Oooooooooo! Why is it so tragic? What happened to senior John Snow? How can he be dead? Owner, you go in there and save him now!”



    The mighty Chu Che opened an 'Anime, Gaming, & Fantasy Entertainment Park, which shattered the reality of many and led to the rise of countless experts.

    Thus, the young man became the most invincible man to all.

    Thank you, everyone!

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