Steel and Sorrow: Rise of the Mercenary king

Steel and Sorrow: Rise of the Mercenary king

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    Chained by slavery and yet craving freedom, such is the fate of Alpheo , a modern historian forced to live under the grip of slavery in a land where chaos would soon erupt.

    As the empire of Rolmia plunges into civil war following the death of the emperor , his three ambitious sons vie for the throne. In the midst of this turmoil, Alpheo finds the chance to break his chain and escape, leading his companions into the ashes of war, trying to thrive in it, selling their swords to the highest bidder .

    But beyond the borders of Rolmia, hungry eyes watch as the empire's grip loosens. The Sultanate of Azania, ever the opportunist, sees a chance to expand its domain and influence , while to the south, neighboring principalities breathe a sigh of relief as the once-dominant giant stumbles and falters.

    In the north, the confederation of the Free Isle finds their chance to restore their old tradition of pillaging and piratery, denied to them by an empire that is now crumbling beneath itself.

    In this crucible of conflict, where dynasties crumble and empires fall, Alpheo find his call and the chance to forge his own destiny amidst the ashes of empires.

    Chapter List[ 84 Chapters ]